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Top Golf Shoes Of 2014

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Apart from having the best set of golf clubs, having the best golf shoes is also very important for avid golfers. Gold shoes have come a long way over the years. Different golf shoes have been introduced in the market and choosing the best pair can be daunting sometimes, There are different types of gold shoes, some with spikes, others are spikeless, some are regular, others wide and others are waterproof while others are not. There are also shoes from different brands or companies. The key to choosing the best pair of gold shoes for you is to do some research, read Golf Shoe Reviews and the product features before picking a pair. A list of the top ten golf shoes for 2014 and their reviews follows below.

Nike Golf TW 13

When golfing, you do not want any distractions because you need to concentrate on your balance. Comfort is therefore very important. The Nike Golf TW 13 Golf Shoes are the best when it comes to comfort. This high level of comfort is probably the reason why it has received high and positive ratings from Golf Shoe Reviews 2014. The sole is designed to imitate the sole of your feet giving them more freedom and power when you make a swing. The shoes also come in different colors for different preferences.

Adidas Puremotion Golf Shoe

The most incredible features about this pair of shoes are the excellent grip and the lack of weight. The grip is facilitated by the web-shaped forefoot which facilitates natural movement of the foot when swinging. The shoe also has excellent grip which is very important when swinging to maintain balance. Adidas also has flair of comfort and these shoes are no exception. With all these incredible features, it is no wonder the shoes are ranked highly on Golf Shoe Reviews http://www.bestgolfshoes.info/top-10-golf-shoes-men-2014.

Adidas Crossflex Golf Shoe

Adidas is a worldwide sports brand that has earned a good reputation all over the world and among sports people. It is not a surprise that the Adidas Cross files Golf shoe is ranked highly on the Gold Shoe Reviews. The shoes come with excellent comfort which is important to any golfer. The shoe wraps on the feet completely with no pressure points and it has a perfect fit as well. The shoe is also durable and very light which also facilitate comfort of the golfer. Adidas also makes golf bags. Make sure you read some Golf Bag Reviews before you buy them as well.

Nike Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe

Nike is also another worldwide brand and very popular among sports people. Away from the TW 13, the Lunar Ascend Golf Shoe is another golf shoe that has received a lot of positive reviews from Golf Shoe Reviews. This shoe comes with excellent performance. The shoe is unique in that it has its own sock liner which facilitates more grip and traction. Grip and traction are very important to golfers because they bring about stability and balance. The shoe is also made of flexible foam that is extremely soft to ensure comfort. The shoe is also very light and durable and can therefore withstand any weather. Nike’s golf bags are very high quality. Make sure you get a golf bag that matches your shoes. Before you buy one read some Golf Bag Reviews http://www.golfbagreviews.net.

Royal Albartross Club Collection

This is one of the most expensive golf shoes in the market. Most people would easily question the price until they see them in person. The Royal Albatross just as the name suggests are a great masterpiece and deserves the high price. This shoe is fashionable and stylish and suitable for wealthy people. The shoe has a great level of detail and satisfaction that appeal to almost everyone. Even though this shoe is not much performance oriented, it still performs exceptionally well and has great comfort.

Puma Faas Grip Golf Shoes

Puma is another world renewed company for quality products especially sports products. The Puma Faas Grip is one of their products that have gained huge popularity on Golf Shoe Reviews worldwide. Just as the name suggests, the firm grip of the shoes is one of its best features. It facilitates great balance during a swing. The shoes are also very comfortable with a great traction and extreme durability. The shoes are also very stylish for golfers who mind fashion and style. You can get a pair that will match your golf bag. Make sure you read some golf bag reviews http://www.GolfBagReviews.net before you buy one.

ECCO BIOM Hybrid Golf Shoe

This pair of shoe is best known for its stylish look. This is arguably one of the most stylish golf shoes in the world and even those who are not golfers would invest in it just to look stylish. The BIOM Hybrid is not only stylish but also extremely comfortable thanks to its textile that is breathable and facilitates excellent air circulation. It has great stability, is durable and can withstand any weather.

Nike TW 14 Golf Shoe

The TW 14 Golf shoes are among the most recent models in the Nike Golf line of shoes. This pair of shoes is extremely comfortable just like other Nike models. The comfort is facilitated by breathable features on the inside of the shoe and also has enough padding that will keep your feet from chafing. The internal fit system of this shoe gives excellent grip and wraps well on the feet. This shoe has received positive reviews on Golf Shoe Reviews for its brilliant creative features. Make sure you check out Nike Golf Balls as they are just as good as the other products that this great company makes.

Oakley Ripcord Golf Shoe

Oakley is another popular brand with men’s wear and accessories. The Oakley Ripcord Golf Shoe is light in weight and has great traction. This shoe is unique and different from most golf shoes because of its ergonomic platform design. The shoe is very stylish, sophisticated and sleek. It also has a great performance on the golf course.


FootJoy has invested in a golf shoe line and the FootJoy FJ City is undoubtedly the best golf shoe to have come from FootJoy. The shoe is stylish and has a great performance and durability. The great performance is facilitated by the web-shaped sole and excellent grip.

There are many other great Golf Shoes that have not been mentioned here but the listed above are by far the top ones with great reviews from Golf Shoe Reviews. The best among these ten would be the ECCO BIOM Hybrid Shoe because apart from having the features that other shoes have, it is the most stylish in the market and could be work outside a golf course.

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